Denver Theatre District

In September 2006, David Ehrlich and Patrick Woods began representation of the City and County of Denver Theatre and Arenas Division (T/A) in creating and obtaining public approval of the Downtown Denver Theatre District (Theatre District).

Theatre District is the only media district in the country created purely from private funds, yet retains a clear public purpose of art based activity and promotion.

FinWater's efforts included: 

(i) creation of presentation materials telling the “story” of Theatre District; (ii) leading the effort for private and public sector acceptance and support of Theatre District; (iii) leading the effort of obtaining approval of the City and County of Denver agencies and City Council for a significant re-zoning of Downtown Denver to allow for the implementation of Theatre District; (iv) drafting the governance documents for Theatre District; (v) implementing the arts support generated by Theatre District, (vi) obtaining a signage partner to create the multi-million dollar infrastructure for Theatre District; and (vii) building the interactive assets of Theatre District.

City of Broomfield, Colorado

In 2008-09, FinWater represented the City of Broomfield (Broomfield) in its analysis and negotiation with various venue management companies to operate a multi-purpose events center.

The representation included (i) a nationwide research memorandum reviewing comparable lease and ownership examples; (ii) creation of an RFP and management of the operator RFP process; (iii) lead negotiation and drafting of a Management Agreement between Broomfield and Anschutz Entertainment Group and Kroenke Sports Enterprises; (iv) consultation on bond documentation in connection with the operations of the event center; and (v) public testimony at the Broomfield City Council regarding the Management Agreement.

This representation resulted in the successful negotiation of a Management Agreement that included elements related to rent, revenue sharing, community development and naming rights.

Kroenke Sports Enterprises

Shortly after joining Kroenke Sports Enterprises (KSE) in 2001, David Ehrlich led the Pepsi Center rezoning project, which was critical for Pepsi Center’s growth as an entertainment destination.

To achieve the re-zoning, Mr. Ehrlich worked closely with KSE’s advisors to guide the project through the City Council process, meeting with both public agencies and local neighborhood groups.  The efforts in building support for the re-zoning were necessary as the rezoning enabled KSE to host the Denver Grand Prix and build a new amphitheatre, City Lights Pavilion. This effort culminated in City Council passing the rezoning enabling KSE to expand its entertainment offerings as well as unlock significant value to its underlying land.

City of Allen, Texas

In 2007, Mr. Ehrlich represented the City of Allen Texas in their negotiations with Global Entertainment Corporation.  The City of Allen built a 6,000 - 8,000 seat multi-purpose arena and Mr. Ehrlich led the negotiations and drafting of the Venue Management Agreement for the City. 

The representation included (i) due diligence regarding similar venues operated by Global; (ii) lead negotiation and drafting of the Management Agreement; (iii) analysis of ancillary marketing and sponsorship assets managed by the City; and (iv) public testimony at the Allen City Council regarding the Management Agreement.